5 Free Tools You Need for Your Business!

Tool #1

– https://www.madpush.net/ – send secure information via chat or email – encrypted links, set expiration days and # of views

Tool #2

– https://www.madshot.net/ – very easy to make use of screenshot equipment which are able to be custom branded exactly where you are able to include your business logo to the top left corner. Lots of drawing tools. Can produce a shareable link, save image or maybe message image. (Mac coming soon)

Tool #3 –

http://bannerbuilder.marketing360.com/ – do not have to find out anything or code, use this device to generate attractive, quick banners for the website of yours, social posts or emails. are able to upload background picture, bring logo, add text, change fonts, etc… it also shows you the twenty % grid so in case you are running FB ads you are able to make certain your text doesn’t go over twenty % of the picture. When it is ready, simply download the picture!

Tool #4

– https://unsplash.com/ – free high resolution photos. quality that is Amazing, brand new pictures uploaded daily

Tool #5

https://m360.us/ – easy to use URL shortener

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