The Best Free Tools for Virtual Assistants

One) PAYPAL PayPal is actually the way to go when collecting cash from clients.

You are able to send out customized invoices for free (no need to purchase fancy application with month fee).
You are able to set up recurring invoices and send reminders for unpaid invoices.
The client of yours is able to spend with the PayPal of theirs, credit, or maybe debit card.
You will have to spend transaction costs when you get paid (2.9 % of the transaction within the US $,30). Why pay a fee when a client is able to send a check free of charge? Because it is more, faster, and easier secure!

Two) TYPEFORM Typeform is exactly what I use to produce the internet forms that i send out the clients of mine.

You just develop the form, send out the link to the clients of yours, and they fill in the answers of theirs.

Styles you will need for your business:

Work with me to have details about their business needs before chatting with them.
Intake to get details you will have to do the work of theirs.
Feedback in order to pick up what they thought about working with you, determine if they’ve some recommendations to make your service better, as well as to get testimonials.

Three) ACUITY Scheduling Acuity Scheduling is exactly what I use to get rid of the frustrating forth and back what works for you?

You will set up the availability of yours and send your scheduling link to the clients of yours. A date is chosen by them and time that works for them and BOOM. Done.

Time zones are automatically modified for you (this is actually a biggie!)
Clients are able to cancel and reschedule appointments themselves.
Easily add scheduled appointments to the Google Calendar of yours.

Four) LASTPASS LastPass is exactly where I save passwords for the own business of mine and my clients’ businesses.

It is a protected method for customers to send you private information.
It can make it really easy to log in to each of the sites you will have to access.
There is an app you are able to put in on the phone of yours to ensure that you’ve access to anything.
Consumers have the possibility of making their login details noticeable or perhaps not.

Five) UBERCONFERENCE UberConference is akin to Skype, and that is what I used to work with. Someone I hired for my business uses that device for the meetings of ours and I really love it!

You choose whether you might like to do a video call or maybe a non video call (I got you introverts!).
You are able to capture meetings.
You are able to share the screen of yours.
You are able to share links, etc. in the chat box.
You will get your own personal meeting link which does not alter meeting to meeting.
Having meetings through UberConference solves the issue of long distance telephone calls.

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