The Top 4 Tools for Client-Based Businesses

1. Trello

So the first application that i wish to tell you about is actually Trello. Trello is actually a project management program and this was a full game changer for me. I’m so a lot more structured than I was once. And also the very best thing about it’s that for client based business organizations, you are able to build a brand new board for each one of the clients of yours, which will keep all of your info separate and also keeps you really structured as well. You are able to also keep all of your customer interaction within this app. It is amazing.

In fact, you will find way even more things about this one. I might go on and on… it is an amazing phone app – there is are actually a million things you are able to do with it. I believe I have to do a standalone video specifically about Trello. It is actually replaced my physical planner, which I mean, I like physical planners and I never believed that that would actually happen. So yeah, I will do a whole video on it.

2. Zoom

Tool number 2 is Zoom. Zoom is exactly what I use for many of my customer meetings.

It is sort of like Skype, though I’ve noticed the connection to be way more efficiently with Zoom. It is also pretty easy for me to share the screen of mine with customers, which will come in handy since I am constantly showing them something techie. And it is also really simple to capture the calls of yours to ensure that you are able to discuss them with your clients after.


The following device is Dubsado and this is unreal. There is very much that you are able to do with it, but essentially, it’s what you are planning to use for your customer on boarding.

very the contracts of yours, invoicing, any custom quote, keeping track of leads – there is a great deal that you are able to do with this particular device and you are able to personalize it for the own business of yours. It basically systemizes the whole practice of getting customers, so definitely check this one out.

4. Toggl

Toggl is designed for those of you that are actually doing hourly job and want to observe the time of yours.

This’s an amazing app which simply runs very effortlessly in the background and also lets you keep track of all the hours of yours. You might also simply use it in case you needed to keep an eye on what you are doing all day and see exactly where your time is actually going.

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