The Top 5 Feature Voting Tools for Business

You will find a few great arguments on why using feature voting is actually among the best methods to collect user feedback.

Asking your subscribers is actually smart: they’re the ones that are actually using the product of yours
Owners are going to be much more prepared to share feedback
Reduce churn: by working on real user feedback, the product of yours is going to be a lot more valuable
Close the feedback loop: work on feedback and immediately share progress

The most effective resources for feature voting

You will find ten really good resources for feature voting. All are actually completely different in features and pricing, therefore we did our best to outline them all.

1. Upvoty

Naturally, we’ve to name ourselves here. I mean, we’ve developed Upvoty only due to the very same reason you are reading through this article today. We needed a means to obtain as well as handle user feedback for our SaaS, though we could not actually discover an excellent user feedback application which was both user-friendly and affordable. And so, we produced one ourselves.
feature voting board This’s a function voting board from Upvoty.

Big advantages of Upvoty:

Pricing: starting from just fifteen dolars a month Customizations: all fully customizable (statuses, look and feel, etc.)
Simple to implement: both with a widget or perhaps on a customized domain
User SSO: Identify your current user accounts
Roadmap: share the roadmap of yours and what is in progress
Changelog: when you ship, announce it on the changelog of yours
Moderation: you are able to activate moderation to keep everything in command (something a great deal of similar resources in the user feedback room do not have)
Anonymous voting: you can turn on anonymous voting in case you do not want the users of yours to take part by name
Tags: structure the feedback of yours
Whitelabel: Seamlessly integrate Upvoty in your own personal program Integrations: lots of integrations with tools such as Intercom, Firefox, Chrome, Google Analytics, Zapier, etc.


Upvoty is quite fairly priced. You are able to begin with probably the smallest plan of fifteen dolars. When you develop with tracked users (users that are actually participating on your feedback boards), you are able to quickly move up to the twenty five dolars plan. When you need much more features and tracked users, Upvoty has an infinite plan of just ninety nine dolars a month. This has everything unlimited included. And, it actually has a Whitelabel plan.

2. Productific

When you are searching for a free tool to begin with, Productific might be the one for you. It is not the most gorgeous and skilled one, though it’s popular among bootstrappers and indie makers which are in need of collecting user feedback on their SaaS. It does what it must do: collect thoughts and discuss a roadmap.
Productific is very very simple and easy to set up.

Big advantages of Productific:

Pricing: it’s beginning with a complimentary plan
Roadmap: share what is in progress
Changelog: easily share updates and launches
Google Analytics: connect to assess usage
Tags: although only offered on probably the biggest plan
Knowledgebase: it provides a knowledge base on the boards of yours


So, Productific is inexpensively priced. It is actually free for starters, though you are going to miss a great deal of serious capabilities in case you seriously wish to work on the feedback.

3. Productboard

It has one of the advanced and best resources out there. The latter may additionally be what would hold you back: it is very complicated that in case you would like a means to obtain as well as handle feedback in a straightforward and easy approach, you may get bogged down with Productboard.


Big advantages of Productboard:

Insights repository: consolidate feedback, research, requests, and ideas streaming
User insights: advanced user insights in who wants what
Product hierarchy: keep everything structured
Prioritization scores: get scored on how important the feedback is
Task management: track goals and tasks


This’s exactly where it can become challenging. Productboard is very complicated that you will pay straight up forty nine dolars a month per maker (user). And so with a group of three, you are by now at $150 a month. Should you truly need all of the extras, this’s good, Productboard is a truly amazing tool. But in case you are searching for a fantastic feature voting tool, this may be a little bit too much.

4. Tricider

With Tricider, you are able to publicly develop a board based on your topic or question. It is extremely good in case you simply wish to have responses for this one time. It is not an excellent tool in case you are searching for a means to handle the backlog of yours and truly connect and engage with users. it is missing User SSO, ways to effectively embed on the site of yours or perhaps within the product of yours, and it’s missing a great deal of options , like tags, to actually work effectively on the feedback of yours. But hey, in case you do not require it, it may be the tool for you!
Tricider is actually a fantastic tool to brainstorm ideas.

Big advantages of Tricider:

Free: it is totally free (although it is missing a large amount of features!)
Simple to set up: simply go to the website of theirs, type in a question, and you are able to go ahead
Multiple channels: with numerous channels, you are able to develop numerous things and ask feedback


It is free! But once again, you cannot actually employ it in the product of yours, therefore the users of yours will have to do difficult in order to offer and participate on feedback.

5. The idea Wall

Really high priced and with a little outdated look and feel, The idea Wall is actually a bit of bit down the list. Nevertheless, it does have downvoting and a handful of more neat features that we do not see that a lot in order tools. So, nonetheless, it is really worth mentioning.
The idea Wall
The idea Wall has a little outdated style, though it’s a few great special features.

Big advantages of the Idea Wall:

Limited votes: Set a limit on the amount of votes each end user is able to give
Downvote: If you are making use of a function voting tool for like games, this may be a truly great feature
Ratings: users are able to rate with a one to five star rating
Voting: of course , it’s a voting element which works pretty straight forward
Video games: it’s extremely popular among video game developers


It is very expensive. The plans begin at thirty five dolars a month, but to be able to get the most out of it, you are most likely going to require the eighty dolars per month program. Oh, by the way, those prices are actually per moderator. And so, with a group of three, you are by now at $240 a month.

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