4 tricks for attracting more customers to your online business

You already know that in case you’ve created a shopping site: the competition is actually tough. Retaining and attracting customers is a vital issue for online shops. In the following paragraphs, we give you some suggestions on how you can boost the turnover of yours.

1. Have a sale

If sales remain the main strategy of merchant companies, it’s not for nothing. It remains the simplest way to attract customers. Obviously, it is not a question of selling off all the products of yours, but of selecting a few. You might want to create several of the most costly products in the range of yours available. Conversely, you are able to also offer attractive discounts on items which are difficult to market. The strategy varies, but the important thing is usually to be consistent throughout the website of yours.

A very good example of this approach is the fnac.com site. Its balances are actually set at very regular intervals (summer, winter, etc.). It is then possible to create an expectation on the part of customers who know when to go to the website.

2. Propose welcome offers

Another strategy which is simple and effective to implement will be the use of welcome offers. The basic principle is actually simple: you reward the registrations on the website of yours by offering advantages (a discount on the basket, free delivery…). When your customer has made the first order of his, he is going to be more inclined to come back again, and you’ll also have his email address to send the promotions of yours.

A very good example of this practice is actually the area of online casinos. A site such as bonus.ca fr allows you to recognize probably the best casino welcome offers and bonuses. This’s a great way for casinos to entice new customers on a consistent schedule.

3. Take care of your social networks

In 2020, it’s impossible not to have social networks for a big online store. We advise you to focus on a network on which to rely for the vast majority of the communications of yours (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, based on the item and the target clientele). When you are able to, call on a community manager, who is going to know how you can manage your communication campaigns. Remember which this’s a double edged sword: communicating directly with the customers of yours are able to boost the ratings of yours, but you’ll also have to manage the influx of comments which aren’t always enjoyable.

For inspiration, check out the cmhalloffame.fr site, giving you probably the best pearls of community managers of major brands. This shows the interest in creating a little bit of buzz!

4. Create a blog

You think you do not have some time to create a blog site? Big mistake. It’s in fact the best way to care for your natural referencing. The equation is actually simple: the more you publish optimised articles, the more the website of yours is going to go up in Google’s results. It is as easy as that. In a less tangible wayComputer Technology Articles, it also makes it possible to develop the reputation of yours and deliver quality content to potential future customers. So do not neglect this tool!

A very good example of a well-thought-out blog is actually lorealprofessionnel.fr. The brand asserts its influence by giving look advice… While discreetly promoting its products.

Follow these 4 tips and you are going to be sure to find new customers for your online business!

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