Reasons why business cards are dead… What to do instead?

Reason #1 – Business cards are actually a distraction

It is safe to say that in case you are in business, you are doing it to make money. Do you know what can stop you from making much more of that money or perhaps prevent the business of yours from actually getting off the ground?


This’s among the primary things us at IWT have had to work hard to help pupils eliminate.

When a person first starts a business, they’ve a tendency to begin taking action on a lot of random things that will not actually move the business ahead.

Think about it. You spend countless hours considering what must go on the business card of yours, how it must be designed, after which you spend money (that might go to much more important things) to get them made.

After they are made, you then spend time giving them out. This might make you feel as you are being effective, but you still struggle to get business.

To really succeed in business, you require SYSTEMS. Here is a good example of the 3 systems I use to grow my online business:

A method for getting people’s attention
A method for getting them to subscribe to my email list
A method for selling them the product of mine.
That is it. All of the business cards in the world will not help you in case you do not have basic systems created.

Reason #2 – Business cards do not work The simple question to ask before getting business cards:

 Will this help me get new clients or even make new contacts?


The final time you went to an event and handed out the business card of yours, how many folks actually followed up? Ramit has tested this and got less than one response out of hundred.

That is because the cold hard truth about business cards is they just do not work. At least not well enough to justify the time and money necessary to develop and distribute them.

Additionally, it will make far more sense to find the folks you would like to speak to and email them directly. Do not count on someone reaching out to you – that is just idle.

When someone asks you, “Do you’ve a business card?” Just say, “No, I did not bring mine, but can I get your contact info? I will email you.”

Then do it.

Reason #3 – Business cards come off as sleazy

I do not mean to be the bearer of news that is bad, but in case you are the person type who goes to an event and hands out business cards, you are most likely the person folks do not want to speak to.

Everyone knows of that person at the networking event who tries to speak to everyone just so he is able to hand them one of those cheaply made cards.

It is a complete turn off.

Worst but that guy does not even know how he is coming across. An even better strategy will be to merely talk and develop relationships with folks who you genuinely find interesting.

Doing this will result in you getting more businesses than the individual who is passing out cards like a mad male.

What to do rather than using business cards

 The point of business cards is actually to produce more clients for the business of yours. You will find many more effective ways of doing that.

In reality, I came up with my own tactic which has been used by thousands of my pupils to produce thousands and thousands of dollars.

it is known as The Briefcase Technique and It is a true game changer.

Here is a video of me breaking down the progression.

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