5 Habits of Successful Business Mans/Womans

How often have you heard or even read about an entrepreneur’s latest opportunity and thought, How lucky were they?

And of course, in a number of instances it might well have been luck that gave them that opportunity. A straightforward case of being in the right place at the proper time, and most of the planets coming into alignment.

But although some folks believe luck is actually random or perhaps based on personality, I think you are able to increase the chances of lucky things happening to you by creating conscious habits. And today I want to discuss some habits you are able to develop to grow your own luck as a blogger and entrepreneur.

Creating luck

Over the years I have had the chance to speak to a large amount of entrepreneurs (something I might never have been able to do if I had not opened that email). When I ask them whether they attribute the success of theirs to strategy or perhaps luck, a lot of them say something like, “You know? There was some luck involved”. And after that, they worked used and hard strategy to achieve the success of theirs.

But there is another thing I have noticed with the folks I have talked to: they all appear to share very similar traits, behaviors and qualities. And they are likely to all do things that increase the chances of lucky things happening to them.

Here are 5 of those traits, behaviors and qualities.

1. They’re avid learners

All of the entrepreneurs I talked to appear to be avid learners. Not all of them have high educational qualifications (some do not have some), but they all gather knowledge and info by reading, listening to podcasts, going to conferences, asking questions, etc.

A great deal of them also have mentors. They are often part of mastermind groups, and put themselves into situations where are learning info that is new. And as the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is actually what goes on when preparation meets opportunity”.

Just how can this improve the chances of yours of being lucky? Well, when you’ve all that info and knowledge you’ve a better chance of making educated guesses that are actually right. You are very likely to have the ability to connect dots that have not been connected before.

Thus , set aside some time for learning. Not merely will you’ve more raw material for the posts of yours, you’ll also enhance the chances of luck coming the way of yours.

2. They embrace problems

Many of us are actually wired almost from birth to stay away from problems at all costs. We see them as roadblocks to run away from (or get around by taking a shortcut) and complain about afterwards.

But’ lucky’ entrepreneurs view problems in a much more positive way. They see problems as springboards to opportunity. One entrepreneur even calls them “signals to solutions”.

How can you react to your other and own people’s problems? Do you also notice other people’s problems? Maybe you need to start taking notice, because every problem can be a chance for you to help them on the blog of yours.

3. They are curious

After they come across a problem,’ lucky’ entrepreneurs tend to get really curious about it. They take a look at it from various angles, and think of different scenarios they might use. What if we try this? What if we try that? What would happen if we did this?

And since they are just playing, rather than focusing hard on trying to resolve the problem, they are a lot more likely to have the’ light bulb’ moment when a solution pops into their heads seemingly out of thin air.

The next time you run into a problem, whether it is your own or perhaps someone else’s, do not attempt to stay away from it. Instead, set aside a time to play with it a little and start asking several of those “What if?” questions. Who knows? You might have your own’ light bulb’ moment.

4. They experiment

Unfortunately, a large amount of folks stop once they’ve their’ light bulb’ moment. In order to turn the ideas of yours into reality you have to get them out of the head of yours. And this’s where’ lucky’ entrepreneurs tend to excel because as soon as they get the idea of theirs they start experimenting with it.

Looking back on all the products, eBooks, events and courses we’ve created on Digital Photography school and problogger, almost all of them came about due to a tweet, Facebook update or perhaps blog post. After I came up with the idea, I tested it by telling my followers and readers about it and seeing how they react to it. It is the way of mine of experimenting with the idea.

So when you’ve an idea you think might work, experiment with it. That may mean creating a prototype, creating a part of it and getting people’s feedback (such as one chapter of an eBook), or perhaps just bouncing the idea off many other people.

5. They set aside time to watch for sparks

While experimenting with ideas is actually well worth doing, is actually a great idea, you have to put aside time to see how they pan out. Or else there is not much point doing it in the first place.

But setting aside that time is extremely challenging. All of us tend to lead very hectic lives, and it is difficult to make some time to observe and watch for those sparks of opportunity.

Very frequently when I go to conferences someone is going to ask, “What’s the next big thing for you, Darren?” It is a good question, but I now realise that probably the biggest things I have done always started out as small items. They typically start with an idea I get at one in the morning, which I then test with a tweet or perhaps blog post to see what happens. And also the positive reactions and suggestions I get from my readers start to be little sparks of energy that help me fan them into flames.

Your’ next big thing’ might be a small thing waiting to be noticed. Are you currently making some time to see the sparks?

Ready to get lucky?

Just how a lot of these 5 habits have you already incorporated into the life of yours as well as your company? Will there be any others you will be trying out soon? Can there be habits I have not even covered here? Let us know in the comments.

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