10 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Online Business

You will find 2 kinds of online users. People who use Chrome and those that have not had a great friend force them to use Chrome.

Among the neatest things about Google Chrome is actually the ability to add thousands of extensions to create your internet browsing much more effective and fun.

Below are ten great Google Chrome extensions that every online entrepreneur should install.

Alexa Traffic Rank

The Alexa Traffic Rank Extension lets you quickly see the Alexa Ranking of any site that you are on. When I go to a web site for the first time, I subconsciously hover over this extension to get a concept of just how much traffic that site gets.

Chrome Extension: Alexa Traffic Rank

WebRank SEO

Similarly, the WebRank SEO Extension displays the PageRank of every site within its icon. In case you click the icon, it shows more SEO info about the web site including the Compete Ranking, social counts, backlink counts, pages indexed, and a link to the Whois info.

Chrome Extension: WebRank SEO

Firebug Chrome Extension

I’ve used Firebug over any other Chrome Extension ever. It is a neat tool that allows you to inspect Live edit and html elements the CSS properties which means you are able to test design elements before you change them. This’s a must have extension for anybody who edits sites.

Chrome Extension: Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Web Developer Chrome Extension

Web Developer is similar to a more sophisticated form of Firebug. It allows you to find out what the site of yours is like with no CSS, remove all types of design elements, and otherwise troubleshoot every aspect of your website. It is a must have for more complex web developers.

Chrome Extension: Web Developer

YSlow Chrome Extension

This is actually a plugin by Yahoo! that analyzes web pages and also suggests ways to create your website load faster and perform better. Warning: Only use this extension in case you would like a complete list of all of the things that make you site load slow. It is eye opening.

Chrome Extension: YSlow

Window Resizer

In case you are an avid Web Developer Extension user, this one is actually redundant. But in case you simply wish to know what your site is like on any device and every screen resolution, this device is actually the ticket.

Chrome Extension: Window Resizer

Eye Dropper Chrome Extension

Eye Dropper is actually another simple extension that allows you to pick a pixel and it provides you with the HEX code and RGB combination for that particular color. This’s a handy tool in case you are updating the design of yours and also you wish to complement the colors on the website of yours.

Chrome Extension: Eye Dropper

Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension

This is my favorite full fledged screenshot extension. It allows you to take a screenshot of a whole webpage. Then the tool pops up to draw even, shapes, and lines text. When you are done, you are able to save it online or perhaps download it as a.PNG. I used it to produce the images on the twenty Best Designed Facebook Fan Pages.

Chrome Extension: Awesome 

iWeb2x Chrome

ExtensioniWeb2x allows you to save some webpage as a.PDF file with all or perhaps most of the design elements intact.

Chrome Extension: iWeb2x

Hover Zoom Chrome

ExtensionHover Zoom enlarges thumbnails on mouse over so you won’t ever have to “click to enlarge” ever again.

Chrome Extension: Hover Zoom

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