8 Things Every Internet Business Should Own

Most of us work from home offices – or perhaps perhaps just a space in the bedroom, but one thing I’ve been thinking recently is what items of technology (new or old) could we not live with out?

This list has the obvious ones – but I am hoping it also contains some things that some individuals will have forgotten. I was speaking with a friend (who is very successful) the other day and I was shocked at several of the items they’d not considered – in particular Disaster Planning.

I mean he’d virtually no back ups (back ups of sites, back ups of PC, back ups of Email Contacts etc). Additionally they’d never considered having a fireproof safe or perhaps an off site location for back ups.

Now I know not all of us require these things – but it’s way too easy when you do not work in the so called’ normal’ office environment to miss out on some essential Admin tasks.

#1 Dual Monitor Display

Dual Monitor Display I remember ages ago reading that having a dual screen is able to increase the productivity of yours by more than 29.7 % and would’ve to say, since carrying out this into the home office of mine, it has made a big impact! I’d constantly be flicking forth and back between lots of things that are different and right now I can just manage so much more.

#2 Business Cards

Business Cards Business cards are actually one of those important things all entrepreneurs and business folks must carry at all times. It amazes me how often and where I get asked for a business card, from waiting in line at the airport to having the hair cut of mine. When folks ask for the card of yours, there basically showing an interest in the business of yours and what you are able to provide them.

#3 Whiteboard

Whiteboard I love to brainstorm ideas, having a whiteboard is actually a huge benefit for this. I use to have to do it on small sheets of paper and everything got kind of messy.

#4 Logitech Laser Mouse

Laser Mouse Over the last several years I’ve had dozens of mouse’s, all pretty much rubbish! year which is Last that I chose to go for a wireless one because the cable always was getting in the way or perhaps was not long enough for in which I was work. Since using a Logitech Laser mouse I’ve been a lot more effective, it can be such a little thing but it actually does make a positive change.

#5 GoPro

gopro I got my first GoPro camera for free when I entered a blog contest as a favor to a friend. year that is Last when I was in NYC interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk I was having trouble with the video camera of mine and asked Gary what he used to video the web TV show of his and he told me he used his GoPro. So like any good entrepreneur, I’d a back up camera which was my GoPro camera and I got it out and used it to do the entire interview. After I’d finished I managed to straight away upload to Youtube!

#6 Backpack With Laptop Sleeve

Entrepreneur Backpack I travel quite a lot and there is nothing worse than being forced to carry an additional bag through an Airport, you already have plenty of stuff and I normally want to purchase more. Creating a sleeve in the backpack of yours just seemed as a no brainer to me!

#7 Digital Camera

Nikon D5200 Another thing I use often is the digital camera of mine, it typically gets the majority of action at events and seminars, taking pictures for blog posts.

#8 Alarm Clock and Phone Charger

iHome I know your probably thinking, but we live the internet lifestyle, why do we want an alarm clock anymore? We still want it, weather its for our first flights abroad or perhaps to get up in time to meet a client, talk to programmers or perhaps to make sure we’re up in time for lunch.

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