How To Build Your Customer Network In 4 Steps?

Where do you find your customers?

It is a legitimate question, so why do not you put more thought into it?

You hear having a Facebook Page, being on Twitter, and writing a blog are actually all great supplements for the business of yours.

You have set all these things up, and even craft what you think is really good content, but still…

No one shows.

Truth be told, your customers are not just “out there” floating around in the ether of the Internet. In reality, they may be closer to you than you think. You just need to start becoming a bit more strategic about where you find them.

1. Go Down The Rabbit Hole

Everyone including your grandmother has a Facebook.

If they are a bit more savvy, they will also have a Twitter, and perhaps even a secret Tumblr blog.

But what exactly are the other lower profile sites that are actually hiding your customers?

I am not talking about the really well hidden, backchannel type places (not exactly, anyway). Rather I am talking about social platforms developed especially for a smaller group of individuals.

I am talking ::shudder, blogs, and specialized forums : : yes, perhaps even a celebrity gossip website.

It is not always intuitive to seek these places and join in, but that is just what you have to do in order to set up camp among the folks you have to speak to and hear from.

Do not simply depend on the top three-to-five biggest social platforms to be enough. Seek out the clients of yours in the various other places they are active.

In case you sell lighting equipment, find photography forums.
In case you sell automobile parts, interact with automobile enthusiasts on Twitter.
In case you sell Facebook Pages, get active site design blogs…

See exactly where I am going with that?

2. Stalk People

It has 75 % research and 150 % practice.

When you are attempting to catch the eye of players that are key in the field of yours, you have to know who they’re and where they hang.

Additionally you have to find out exactly how they interact with each other and the way they plan to be spoken to. It appears to be easy, but in case they are not the type to call folks “dude,” and you use them with, “duuuude!” you look as a moron.

Use Twitter to “spy” on influencers that are key. See the tweets of theirs and get a feel for the sense of theirs of humor, the workload of theirs, and most importantly places just where you may be in a position to give a hand.

Lots of influential folks are going to vent the frustrations of theirs, or perhaps make an offhand joke about something on Twitter, so in case you are able to either A.) offer help or perhaps B.) make them laugh, that’ll go a long way in creating a relationship with them.

Exact same goes for the clients of yours, at any given time you need to be monitoring for “Keywords” that are actually associated with your service or product.

Lend a hand to someone in need. (without being spammy!) Use what you come across in their previous tweets to get a feel for them. Do this enough and you will begin to identify your “ideal” customers, which means you are able to work just with folks who you’ll like working with.

3. Be good to the “Little Guy”

Presently there are actually no “little guys,” there are just differing levels of success.

Do not expect that you will only ever have to speak to the main figures in your niche: networks are actually full of guys like you, and guess what? They are the people that make you a success.

Never forget that without the support of the average joe, there’d be no big names, no key players. So, do not be a jerk just since you do not recognize someone’s name instantly.

4. Shut Up, Just Listen

Before you begin pushing content in the new networks of yours, learn to listen.

You will find tools available to enable you to scan the “chatter” of the internet – feed readers, keyword filters, alerts, etc.

Utilizing and finding tools that aggregate fresh content for you means you are as well informed as they can.

You are able to find and absorb content from others in the field of yours, keep an eye on players that are key, and locate content belonging to other contributors that you do not mind sharing.

Listening is always more important compared to self promotion. You are able to push content on others all day long and be ignored, or perhaps you are able to catch the eye of the folks whose attention you want, by re sharing the info of theirs and supporting them on the way of theirs.

But the tips and hints in this article will assist you to find the right folks which means you do not end up staring at the computer screen waiting for money to show up.

What do you think? Whatever I missed?

I would love to hear the thoughts of yours in the comments below.

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