How to Be a Traveling Nomad Entrepreneur in 4 Steps?

Imagine visiting a new town every day, skipping from one country to another over the course of a couple of weeks.

Sounds like an ideal vacation… but it’s an even better job.

More and more folks are making the choice to become a location independent, traveling entrepreneur. Below I will walk you through how you can become a “digital nomad” in 4 steps.

#1 Save up Money

Before you decide to jump out of an airplane, you strap on a parachute. Before you decide to hop on the nomad trail, you ensure you’ve some cash saved up so that you are able to ride out the rough spots.

“Put your head down and put away some money,” advises Matt Wilson (Under thirty CEO). He continues, “You require some savings… as a buffer if you’re likely to make a long term habit of living outside of the United States.”

Just how much Money Should You Save?

The answer depends on (A) the cost of living per month in which you are going, (B) the cost of travel to/from this location, and (C) just how much your willing to go with no security and luxury. You will also want to think about the travel cost of renewing your visa every thirty, sixty, or perhaps ninety days.

Let us say I want to start my nomad life in Costa Rica. I am going to need at least enough money for the flight to and from Denver (aproximatelly $600). Then I will need aproximatelly $500 for the first month of bus fare, wifi, lodging, and food. Then it is simply a matter of how much I’d want for luxuries (aproximatelly hundred dolars) along with a “rainy day fund” (let’s say $2800).

For this particular example, I will save up $4000 before purchasing the ticket of mine to San Jose. Based on the place you are at in life, that may seem as a fortune or perhaps chump change.

Because of the danger of your laptop breaking, you needing medical attention, or perhaps your best friend getting married back home… it is generally a great idea to save up more cash than you believe you will need.

…or Do not “Leap and the net will appear.”

Zen saying

Love to take risks? Thrive under pressure?

In that case, you do not have to save up money that is much before you start. John Bardos of Jet Set Citizen had just $thousand dollars to the name of his when he arrived in Japan and began the life of his as a nomadic entrepreneur. Bardos hit the ground running and never looked back. He says, “It was easy since I’d nothing to lose.”

Not creating a financial safety net is going to motivate you to succeed, since you will not have some other option. Nevertheless, I recommend you’ve a minimum of enough money for one month’s transportation and rent to get home at all times.

#2 Get the Essentials device

A number of items are no brainers. In case you are a photographer, obviously you are likely to require the camera of yours. Most everybody will require a laptop along with a padded bag for it. Obviously, you will not forget the toothbrush of yours.

Here are a few essential things and materials that you might not have thought of:

External GPRS/EDGE/3G USB Modem

These little doodads plug into a USB port and turn a cell phone data network into an Internet connection. This vastly expands the number of locations you will have the ability to work while traveling.

Theft Protection Software

For most digital nomads, their laptop is the living of theirs. But the importance of electronic devices also makes them attractive to thieves.

If the laptop of yours, tablet, or perhaps smart phone is ever stolen or perhaps misplaced while traveling you are likely to wish you’d a way of locating it remotely. Prey anti theft software is just that. Registering up to 3 devices is free and it just takes a few minutes.

Online Backup

Services as Mozy offer regular cloud based backups in case anything goes awry. For one computer, it is able to cost as little as $5.99 per month (aproximatelly seventy two dolars per year).

External Hard Drive

As a video producer, my work eats up Gigabytes as PacMan eats dots. For me, an external hard drive is actually the cost of doing business.

But even in case you do not need an external hard drive for the storage, you ought to have one for a backup. Online backups are actually great, but you will not always have access to a regular, high speed Connection to the internet.

You are able to pick up a 1TB external hard drive for under hundred dolars.

Pocket Notebook

When you are hiking the Himalayas, you might not have your laptop handy. Ditto for when you are laying on the beach.

But those’re both times when you are more likely to feel creative and inspired. Always have a notebook on you and you will always have the ability to catch lightning in a container for the business of yours – even when it strikes in the most remote of places.

A Grasp of the Language

A couple of important phrases in the native language goes a long way. I have personally used DuoLingo to sharpen up the Spanish of mine. It’s amazingly robust (and free!) language learning application.

Unless you are fluent, get a travel sized phrasebook. After you have settled in, look around for a tutor. One-on-one lessons are really effective and may be surprisingly inexpensive.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

I just listed several of the items you will have to have as a digital nomad, but the list of items that you will have to lose is a lot more time. It is essential to travel light. You will most likely have to shed the majority of your possessions unless you have got some generous friends/family with a huge garage.

#3 Choose a Starting Location

Listed here are a number of the more popular countries for digital nomads:

– Thailand

– Cambodia

– Argentina

– Columbia

– Laos

– Vietnam

– Malta

– Costa Rica

You will find many various factors to consider, but eventually there is no “best” country for digital nomads. Whether you carefully weigh the options of yours or perhaps picking a starting location at random, the most important factor is actually having the right attitude (and a wifi connection, of course).

#4 Find a Reliable Location Independent Income 

Earning money is all about providing value to others. The web makes it possible to offer value to individuals that live very a long way away from you, all around the globe. It is not easy to do, but it’s easier than ever before – thanks in part to sites as Income Diary that are totally devoted to teaching folks how to make money online.

Many nomad entrepreneurs have single person businesses that are actually based on providing a service (much love freelancing). This’s probably the quickest path to being in the position to finance a nomadic lifestyle. In case you are serious about this particular path, I have written a guide on how you can make money with a service business and another on how you can attract leads and clients online.

Let me share several of the more common fields for nomad entrepreneurs to take up:

The Written Word

The market for individuals who can write high quality blog posts has never been larger. You can finance a modest lifestyle in many countries by writing 4 articles this way one per month. Naturally, this job also requires an understanding of internet publishing, SEO, photo editing, and more.

There is also work to be found translating, editing, and transcribing text.

Digital Media Specialist

In case you are a graphic designer, web developer, or perhaps software coder, you know that there is not much difference between working ten miles away from the client of yours or perhaps thousand miles away.

Photography and video production are also well suited to location independence. Additionally, you will surely find a lot of inspiring vistas to capture on the travels of yours.

Remote Work Agreements

Increasingly, businesses are allowing the employees of theirs to work remotely. It saves on office space and can lead to higher employee satisfaction and productivity. in case you have already got an excellent job and you do not technically have to be on site to do it, consider asking the boss of yours in case you are able to work remotely.

Passive Income

Having a passive income takes much more time but also provides a much better reward at the end. Develop an excellent site, cultivate an audience of men and women who have confidence in you, and you could 1 day make a six figure income by selling ad space and products.

The List Goes On…

Nomadic jobs are only limited by the creativity of yours. Nunomad’s list of location independent careers includes everything from the bizarre (balloon artist) to the mundane (insurance agent) and everything in between (importer), dancer, English teacher, virtual assistant, property manager, radiologist, camel trainer, coach, and consultant .

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