4 Tricks to Combine Vacation and Online Work

Let me to share 4 hacks to combine vacation and remote work:

1. Locate reliable connectivity close to where you rest.

This’s most likely the most important step. When you do not have reliable Internet access close to where you set up base camp, working remotely is going to be that much harder and stressful. My hotel has solid Internet and that has made working whenever I have to pretty seamless. Make life easy on yourself so you are able to work late or early, without having to be concerned about making a visit to a cafe or perhaps coworking space. Ideally, you want the choice to work from bed.

Connectivity doesn’t merely mean access to Internet, it also means being in a position to make calls and have meetings. I use Skype for outgoing calls and Join.me for group meetings.

2. Set fixed overlap work hours.

Most work requires some kind of collaboration. Be sure you put some work hours that overlap with folks you collaborate with. There’s a 15 hour time difference between Bali and my local time back in California. So I dedicate 3 hours of work to overlap with that time zone. Sure, overlap times are actually later at night and earlier in the morning (Bali time), but that’s the price I pay for being across the world in an incredible place. For me, it’s well worth it.

3. Plan for synchronous and asynchronous productivity.

A few work types require collaboration and some do not. For example, I’m writing this post in the midst of the day and everyone in the U.S. is actually sleeping. This’s not a problem since I do not require anyone else’s input to write this post.

Nevertheless, you will find other projects where I have to go back and forth rapidly with folks. I prioritize those projects for when the time zone of mine overlaps with the folks I have to collaborate with. This will help to to stay away from bottlenecks and keeps me productive.

4. Plan work AROUND the vacation of yours.

Do not forget to love. I make sure to have a minimum of 3 working hours that overlap with the staff of mine. The various other hours of work I can prioritize how I see fit. Yesterday I made time to go surf, watch a sunset at an ancient Hindu temple, and go out for a relaxing dinner. I planned work around these activities and also had an incredible day, all while getting all my work done and feeling productive.

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