10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Immediately Improve Their Health

They tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, and take more self-responsibility.

Here’s what else they stick to…

#1 Spend One Hour Outside Daily

Thomas Jefferson spent most of his waking hours at home working, but never failed to spend at least one hour outside daily.

Force yourself to go outside and get some fresh air, vitamin D and exercise. Just walk around the block once or twice if you’re unable to venture to far from the computer.

#2 Improve What You Eat

In order to become the healthiest and strongest version of yourself, it’s ideal to eat nutritionally balanced meals with all natural, unprocessed ingredients.

These meals should include local and organic whole foods, herbs and spices.

I use a cool resource called Local Harvest to locate farmers’ markets, organic family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in my area.

#3 Improve How You Eat

If you want to maintain healthy weight, high levels of energy and positive well being it’s critical to develop healthy eating habits!

I enjoy eat soon after waking up and stick to set eating times (ex: 9, 12, five & 8) throughout the day.

Also, thoroughly chewing your food and never drinking during and for approximately an hour after a meal noticeably aids digestion.

#4 Boost your Posture

Acknowledge how you’re sitting this very 2nd.

Are both of your feet planted on the ground? Is your chest up and shoulders straight back?

When you correct your posture, you allow your spine to rise and your chest to open, which eases tension and helps the breath flow more freely. The oxygen can now penetrate deeper into your lungs.

As you begin to take these deeper breathes you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is lowering your stress hormone levels, healing your brain, and stimulating recovery and digestion.

#5 Open A Window

The quality of our air features a huge impact on our health.

As entrepreneurs, most of us spend a large amount of time indoors in front of the computer.

New research shows that significantly more than 99% of the bugs living inside us aren’t harmful, in fact , they’re beneficial; assisting our digestion, metabolic process, and immunity.

Interestingly, one of many easiest ways to build your microbiome (the bugs living inside you), is simply opening a window.

But there’s even a tasty way to do it… with Kombucha obviously.

#6 Stick To A Sleep Schedule

Going to bed and getting out of bed at the same time each day forces your body’s “internal clock” to expect sleep at a specific time each night.

Go to bed and acquire at least 8 but a maximum of 9 hours of sleep and wake up at the same time every single day (for me it’s on average 11pm – 8am).

I’ll typically dim the lights an hour before bed and sleep in complete darkness which helps me get to sleep and stay asleep.

If you’re on the computer in the evening, I suggest installing the f. lux app as you’re probably affecting the quality of your sleep.

#7 Start Your Day With A Walk

Make it important to go for a morning walk before you start working. This primes you for the day, makes it possible to sleep and lowers your stress levels.

Some of my best ideas have occurred on my morning walks.

#8 Take A Break and Move Around

Sitting for long expanses of time is linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and excess body fat.

Walking and exercise in general releases endorphins, which quickly creates feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Instead of just flying from task to the next, walk across the park or at least stretch in between to-do list items. Simple stretching, lunges and even walking up and down the stairs a couple times is a good way to recharge and refocus.

#9 Take Weekend Vacations

Reserve weekends for yourself.

Even when you work for yourself, and don’t have a morning commute, weekend rest should nevertheless be a priority. But this doesn’t necessarily mean lounging all day.

Simply take short mini-vacations. Get in your car or truck and drive a couple of hours to the beach or forest.

Even if you feel you didn’t get enough work done during the week, and wish to make up for it on the weekend, enjoy the fresh air and refocus while away from the computer.

#10 Take Walking Meetings

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly networking and meeting new business contacts. The next occasion, suggest a walking meeting instead of a sit-down.

I enjoy meet people and walk around a park. It’s helped me settle negotiations and left lasting impressions on some great people I now call friends.

It’s also a great excuse to have outside and get the blood flowing a bit.

Many times some who think you’re a nut, but I’ve found most professionals appreciate this refreshing approach to meetings.

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