The Top 7 Tricks For Affiliate Business Promotions

People have often said the cash is in the List – well that is true, but the real fact is, that the amount of money is in the responsiveness of the list!

OK, let’s get started:

1. Review The merchandise

Reviews have been probably one of the most powerful things I really do for launches, for a number of reasons, including:

-Proof I have the product and I’m not just promoting to make money.
-Proof it works.
-Long team sales from new readers arriving at my site.
-SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Rankings. Tip: Name your post something people will search in Google to get it.

You want to needless to say do a write up on the product and include screen shots and a video would be a great addition.

One great example of a review was by David Risley for my launch. That he was able to sell over 100 copies of my plugin by writing a post, adding pictures and a video then emailing it to his list.

ANOTHER TIP: Uncertain when product launches are happening? Visit your competition and the gurus in your industry and register with their list. When there is a product being launched, they will be promoting!

You’ll be able to go about getting involved, usually you can find the affiliate page is linked to in the footer of the sales page. If not, Google the name of the product + affiliate.

2. Email Pre-launch

For a long time I was against emailing pre-launches because I thought I would lose lots and lots of my list to someone else. However this isn’t the case, your readers won’t unsubscribe just because they opt-ed into somebody elses list. Actually , they probably are already on dozens of other lists already. So long as you provide value, your subscribers will stay with you!

Emailing pre-launch is great because it builds momentum and interest.

The problem with emailing a direct sales page is that people have no idea why they need to look at the product in the first place. It’s easier to tempt them in with a free of charge video or down load from the pre-launch so that they can learn about the merchandise and why they so desperately need it.

It’s also a good opportunity to build trust and the fact is, more often than not, your readers don’t realize you are promoting a squeeze page because you’re making money as a result.

3. Follow Up

Usually you have 3 or even more opportunity to email, blog, Facebook, Tweet etc… a launch:

-Launch Day
-Reopen for 24 hours/Webinar
-I have even promoted a launch where they suggested you emailed around 12 times!

Everybody knows email is the most significant thing you could be using right now, that’s why all the big marketers do so much to create a list.

It’s simple, you build a list and then at any given time it is possible to email your subscribers a product launch and cash in. For me it literally is the closest thing to printing money. I have friends who travel the planet and live off just emailing promotions to their list. Lots of people don’t mind being send promotions, heck if I minded, I wouldn’t be on half the lists I’m on. If you’d like more information on list building, check this post out!

4. Interview The Creator

An average of product owners will undoubtedly be mega busy approaching to their launch, financial firms pure gold aswell.

I often interview people before they launch their services and products. This way, when they launch and all the a large number ofpeople are research in Google about the product and who created it, they see my web site. Then once they check out the interview, they end up buying through my affiliate link.

5. Test Emails

I have a variety of lists, something I would recommend everyone does.

What I do is email one of my lists a new promotion / product launch. When I do this I take advantage of two different Subject Lines in the e-mail I’m sending out and then whichever SUBJECT LINE gets the very best open rate – I roll out and use on the rest of my lists.

I mean if your email doesn’t get opened – you might as well not need sent it!.

This can be a very simple split up test (there are a lot more complicated split tests you are able to do another day) and I have been blown away with how beneficial it’s been to me. I used to just use one subject line – sometimes I nailed it and got lots of OPEN’s but other times I did maybe not.

At the very least with this simple test, I’m assuring myself a lot more opens with the majority of my list by testing on part of the list first.

The other advantage of emailing a smaller list first, is that you can discover if the OFFER is converting. Easily get bad results with my initial mailing using two different subject lines, I may possibly well perhaps not roll out across all my lists.

6. Promote The proper Product

There is no point me promoting a Pay Per Click product to my readers and buyers because I’ve never talked about PPC and more of my subscribers are probably maybe not interested in it.

You intend to promote something with broad appeal to the subscribers on your list.

Let’s take like PopUp Domination – this is computer software that may be used on just about every internet site because it will make the web site owner more money. Which means that just about everyone in the internet marketing industry can promote it. Bloggers, Social Media People, PPC guys, Product Creators – them all need a product like PopUp Domination.

The benefit to me of course is, that I have an extremely wide range of people who I can approach as potential affiliates – even though in many instances it could not make sense for me personally to promote their product in return because my subscribers are perhaps not thinking about their specific niche.

That is what I mean by BROAD. Of course there are several people who will tell go NICHE and sub-niche. That works as well – I’m just pointing out that with PopUp Domination we deliberately went BROAD.

7. Use It In a Tutorial

Depending on everything you are promoting, you are able to sometimes use it in a tutorial, for instance , Aweber. I can teach people how to make money with email marketing and promote Aweber as my choice of email pc software.

I have found this to work very well!

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