5 Amazing Email Marketing Hacks for Bloggers

If you’re like most bloggers, you have an opt-in near the top of your sidebar. You have a couple dozen subscribers. And you consistently get a 20% open rate/8% click-through rate with emails that you send out occasionally every few weeks.

This is because you’ve focused on building a list with no a strategy for once you have one.

I want to help you with that.

1. Send Your Emails Regularly at Consistent Times

What’s the most readily useful day and time to send an email to people around the world?

I schedule the emails for 6am EST so they’re towards the top of the list when people open their inbox very first thing in the morning across the US.

In the Income Diary Q&A, Josh Dunlop said,

I find that posting content at 9am West Coast time is most useful, because it’s lunchtime on the East Coast and just after work in the united kingdom, which are the biggest markets for my traffic.

People Need to Receive Your Emails Easily
All Johnny must do to get his gifts in the morning is wake up, climb down the stairs, and walk to the family room.

2. Create a Squeeze Page you could Direct People To

Having opt-ins in all of the popular areas (i. e. top sidebar, bottom sidebar, top of homepage, footer of post, and so on. ), is a good start.

You also want to have a full page on your blog that’s focused on getting subscribers, also known as a squeeze page.

How come?

Because you as well as your readers can link to that page when you or they’re recommending it to other people.

3. Set Expectations in the Opt-In Area

Way too many bloggers trick people in to opting-in with a free gift only to barrage them with unrelated emails later. I don’t know about you, but I don’t open those emails.

If, however, you make it clear in your opt-in area that they’re also requesting to receive weblog updates, then they’re going to are expecting and anticipate your emails.

Sure that might discourage folks from opting-in, but there’s no value in having an inventory full of people who don’t want your emails.

4. Remind Them Why They’re Receiving Emails

Once they’re receiving your emails, it’s vital that you remind them why they’re receiving them. Otherwise you run the risk of them unsubscribing or marking your emails as spam.

A good way to do this is to put their signup date and signup URL in the footer of every email that you send. These two reminders will jog their memory to answer the question, “why am I getting these emails? ”

5. Offer a Weekly Email Option

I don’t know about you, but I’ve a tough time keeping up with reading the posts from all of the best blogs.

To get around this, consider offering a weekly subscription substitute for your readers. That way they are able to get one email with summaries of that week’s posts and choose to read the ones that are relevant to them.

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