These 4 Website Design Features Will Increase Profits and Usability

People are often quick to judge you based on your appearance, and the same is true when it comes to web page design.

Easy navigation and a visually pleasing layout can help tremendously when it comes to converting your prospects in to customers.

4 Design Features Your Website Could be Missing:

1. Eye-popping Calls To Action

All marketers should include eye-popping calls to action. Whatever the purpose of the existing web page is, make that more obvious than any feature or design element on the page. Exemplory case of this would be buttons that tell users what actions to take.

For example:

Subscribe Now
Get Instant Access
Down load the PDF
Register for the Webinar
Show me the Video
Great examples of landing pages that have obvious calls to action are, and

All three of these sites ensure that the visitor will notice the 1 thing they want you to accomplish. Far too many marketers forget this simple tactic, and it can absolutely crush your conversion rate.

2. Email Capture Form

Believe it or not – 90% of the people that visit your website will never do business with you in any capacity.

Capturing email addresses while prospects are on your web site gives you an opportunity to increase those odds and nurture them with top quality content while building a relationship. Your effective frequency will change but virtually non-e of one’s visitors will see your service or product once and be convinced to complete business with you.

Adding a simple lead capture form to your website will without a doubt double or triple your effectiveness with minimal effort. Be sure to offer an irresistible lead magnet that attracts the type of people you want to do business with.

Like if you’re an accountant and want to attract multi-millionaire entrepreneurs write a report such as “7 Costly Mistakes Every Millionaire Entrepreneur Makes When Filing Quarterly Taxes” – making the opt-in offer this specific will help pre-qualify your leads before you ever send them an email.

I would recommend a two prong approach: add an email capture form to the sidebar of most of your internet site posts/pages and an exit popup with the same offer using computer software like Popup Domination.

3. Threaded Comments and Comment Upvotes

Contributed by Dainis Graveris. 65 million people have visited his blog.

That is again a subtle improvement, but one I found out really was helping to connect with our readers.

Threaded comments really help follow up on conversations. You need to definitely address every genuine comment from every reader and have a follow up question.

It’ll increase your comment count (perceived value), it will increase reader engagement and add to your articles, which is indexed in Google! I would suggest to also add subscribe to comments feature (I need to install it myself again)…

I guess I could use AwesomeWeb once it’s live…

In the meantime, check out this plugin: – Now once you engage with readers there’s a larger chance they’ll come back!

Little tip: To increase engagement always ask questions at the end of an article… and ask questions when replying to comments.

I included Comment Upvote, because there are lots of skimmers and scanners, who like the article, who read the comments, but who don’t necessary engage leaving their own comment.

I’ve noticed many enjoy up voting, down voting comments if they agree or disagree with something. Even this simple action from them, increases user engagement!

4. Ensure that your Site Has Usability

If you’re in the process of establishing a web asset, I invite you to consider a few questions.

Ask yourself WHY you want a web site and WHO will be using it.

This is a critical part of the creation process just because a natural health website will look and feel different than a daily deal e-commerce website.

With each new startup I dedicate an entire wall in my own office to outlining my new website schematic.

The navigation bar is typically where I’ll begin because this can help identify your sites main idea. Make it a point to arrange the navigation buttons to be able of importance (going from top to bottom or left to right).

Once you’ve the navigation organized so as of importance, figure out what content will be dedicated to each page. Be sure to keep your visitor in mind without overwhelming them with excessive links to “money pages. ”

Remember, using colors to reflect your content and site identity goes a long way.

Dark red and bright yellow cause visitors to take action, blues and greens build trust, and as Michael mentioned, dark text on a light background is crucial for readability.

Actually, readability’s really important and plays an enormous role in a web sites overall usability.

Be sure to use appropriate fonts (nothing too fancy) and make sure your grandfather and little brother can both read it!

If your visitors read a sentence with any difficulty they’ll simply exit your site and head on over to your competitors.

Prevent this by keeping sentences to 15 words or less and paragraphs around 2 sentences. This maximizes engagement and keeps your sites readability around a 5th grade level.

Remember you’re writing for users not your academy professor

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