4 Things Most Sales Pages Are Missing – Grow Your Conversions Today!

1 . Prove It

You can make claims about your business to your prospective customers, but they’re most likely not going to swallow every thing you feed them whole. In addition to your claims, include social proof and always try! Social proof may mean customer testimonials, third party website reviews, and even case studies. Prove to your potential customers that your existing customers are doing well.

I love the way the true to life customer testimonials from ExpertPhotography. com fit so accordingly in to their sales pages.

2. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Once you offer a guarantee, it gives clients a lot more confidence in what you’re selling. They understand that they can get their money back if indeed they find your claims aren’t true. Also, if you have an improved guarantee, like 90 days in comparison to 30 days, then that will help too.

People want to know they can obtain money back, and they want to know that they can have plenty of time to try out your service or product without any risk.

3. Calls-to-Action

Even if you’ve gotten your web page visitors to stick to your website and read everything you have to say, you still need them to buy. They might want to buy already, but that’s not enough. You must make it really clear in their mind – how to buy, why they should buy, and that they can purchase right now. Include a call-to-action by the end of your sales letter, or right near your purchase button.

CrazyEgg. com comes with an incredibly simple landing page with a great call to action being the very first thing you see. An excessively easy way to do this and ensure it is look professional is with a nifty little software referred to as OptimizePress.

4. TOS/Privacy Policy

When you include a link to your TOS/Privacy Policy, it shows prospective customers that you just take their private and financial information seriously. A trust seal at the bottom of the website, near those links, is even better. Show your prospects that you will protect their information just like Basecamp. com does with their “Not-so-fine print. ”

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