6 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid!

The simple truth is most bloggers fail miserably at Internet affiliate marketing.

1) Many bloggers think they know Affiliate marketing already

That is one of the craziest reasons bloggers fail at making money with internet affiliate marketing. Once you think you know something, you completely eradicate your chances to acquire new knowledge.

I know the Internet is full of free offers on Affiliate Marketing but many of these are obsolete. (written in 2012 or earlier! ) Those things that worked some years ago definitely have no impact in today’s world of content marketing.

I clearly remember my early days when Marketing with articles on ezinearticles and web 2. 0 properties like squidoo used to flourish. We worked with article spinning tools, stuffed articles with keyword, got links from spam websites, etc and all that worked for some time. But times have changed.

In order to survive in today’s internet marketing world, we have to be opened to new things and adjust to changes through learning. Seek out the most readily useful training you can find, ask for guidelines and BUY it!

At this time in a post you might quite rightly expect to see a recommendation for an Affiliate Marketing product – but we are maybe not doing that here because as we said, services and products and techniques change regularly and what we recommend today might not be appropriate per year from now. We shall however recommend a Facebook Group that everyone should join if you are serious about Online marketing – Internet Marketing Super Friends. It is perhaps not nearly affiliate marketing, there is plenty of tips on every thing regarding Internet Marketing and a genuine wealth of talent regularly posts.

Successful blogger and affiliates are always learning – they never assume they know it all!

2) They just do what others do

If you wish to make extra sales, you must distinguish your self from other affiliates.

So many affiliates just do a Copy and Paste – don’t do that! Be an innovator – produce an angle the others have not.

Have you spotted a benefit that the others have not? It might even only be a benefit for you and a few the others, but add that benefit and chances someone else will see that as a benefit also.

Additionally – and this is vital, add your own STORY as to why you got associated with this product…

Not long ago i read the success story of one mother who started online only to make enough to cover horse riding lessons on her behalf daughter. This was needless to say targeting the Newbie Marketer and it also had that all essential ‘feel good’ feeling.

Other activities you can do…

For example;
– Add a special bonus for your readers
– Offer a special discount code from product author
– Get co-branded web page from author

Successful Affiliates are innovators – always be seeking to add value to the offer, with regards to either a special bonus or better still for me – reveal an angle or a strategy that no one else is talking about…

3) They promote products and services just for the money

This is actually the Ugly Side of affiliate marketing – promoting any product simply for the commissions is unethical. For starters take to every product you promote out your self and ask your self, would I buy this?

Now assuming you have found a product you want to support, how can you be confident that your readership would want to know about it?

To begin with, from publishing articles on your blog you are able to do some useful general market trends.

– Try to identify the articles on your own blog with the best number of social shares.
– Identify the articles with the greatest number of comments.
– Identify the articles that are most associated with.
– Identify the articles that drive the most clicks from search engines.

And of course, there are also out what your readers need most by running a survey on your blog.

the Ugly Side of affiliate marketing – promoting any product only for the commissions is unethical.

The more relevant the product you promote, the more your chances of making sales and commissions.

4 – They don’t invest in required tools

There is no business it is possible to successfully do on line without investing in the proper tools. For bloggers who want to succeed in affiliate marketing online, there are a couple of tools you must get in order to positively affect your sales. A few of these tools include;

– Premium web hosting for fast speed
– Professional fast loading theme
– Premium product review plugins that support user-generated reviews
– Popup Domination
– SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION tools – for instance Plugins like Yoast

And very importantly…

They don’t keep up to-date with changes available on the market. Technology, SEO and Social Media are changing all the time – please accept that what realy works now, may work differently 6 months from now.

5) They lack strategies that work

Now, this aspect is closely linked to point 5 above. If you use your brain being an affiliate blogger, you are able to always come up with promotion strategies that the others don’t have. Most affiliate marketing platforms today allow vendors to create special coupon codes for his or her affiliates. The best part is that most vendors are ready any time to obtain an unique code for you personally. With this in mind, you can always negotiate special deals for your readers.

Among the things I did before that generated some crazy sales is that I arranged a product-focused interview with a vendor on my web log. This enabled me to phrase questions that triggered appropriate answers to provoke more sales. You must always think of such new strategies and do things differently on order to make more affiliate sales.

6 – They do feature-based reviews

Buyers wish to know – WIIFM = What’s In It For me personally?

Yet so many product reviews concentrate on the FEATURES rather than the BENEFITS.

As Theodore Levitt said “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want to purchase a quarter-inch hole! ”

And for those folks old enough to keep in mind – Mr Levitt also said: “Kodak sells film, however they don’t advertise film; they advertise memories”

Get it?

Don’t focus on the features – focus on the benefits!


Features Tell, Benefits Sell
The raison d’être of any affiliate product you promote should be to solve a problem. If that problem solving capacity is maybe not underlined in the review, you’re missing the point of the product!

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