The 6 Key Indicators For Successful Online Business

All great businesses concentrate on specific key performance indicators in order to meet strategic and operational goals.

Any measurement can become a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as long as you have a way of capturing the info.

6 KPIs For Successful Online Business:

1. Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Sales

We track many metrics based on our current top priorities.

A very important factor that doesn’t change is tracking monthly, quarterly and annual sales (and the breakdown of which channels the sales originated from, which products sold most in which geographical areas and WHY).

We keep a weekly scorecard, in line with the process outlined in Traction by Gino Wickman. I recommend the book and resources at for anybody with a leadership team within their company.

If folks are paying us on a monthly basis, they must be happy. Revenue allows us to pay our developers so we can build more awesome features to create our customers a lot more happy.

#2. Email List Activity

The size and quality of your email list can reveal much about your business. From the number of people opting in daily, to the number of people opening our messages and also reading them tells us where we have to focus our efforts.

Major email services such AWeber and iContact will automatically track most essential KPIs…

Here are the key performance indicators to focus on with email marketing:

Open rate
Bounce rate
Purchase rate
Click through rate
New subscriber growth

#3. The Traffic Sources Of The Sales

The main items that we track, are sales and the traffic sources which are driving those sales. OntraPort is a thing that helps organize and structure all of this data so we can then implement new strategies appropriately. It’s supercharged business and simplified many lives.

The Traffic Sources metric measures which traffic sources are driving visitors to your web site, and a comparison of every of those sources. Search traffic, for instance, could be analyzed according to the squeeze page and associated keyword rankings; referral traffic can be broken down in to categories such as social referrals, blog mentions, or service listings.

# 4. Number Of Daily New Users

Set a goal for the entire year! Divide this number by the number of days in the year to offer the exact number of visitors you’ll need to hit daily in order to achieve your goal.

Analytics is a superb tool for tracking daily traffic – and it’s free.

The best way to increase the number new internet site users is by usually posting high quality content.

# 5. Goal Completion Rate

Goal Completion Rate or GCR for short, measures the number of users completing a specific marketing goal, such as signing up for a webinar or subscribing to an email list. Goal completion rate is an important section of your sales funnel as it suggests your conversion rate from the awareness stage to the consideration stage.

# 6. Keyword Performance

The Keyword Performance metric measures your keyword rankings to comprehend how effective your SEO efforts are at driving organic traffic to your website. Keyword ranking is a leading indicator providing valuable information about your capability to improve existing rankings or rank for new key words.

Ahrefs may be the tool we use to track all our keywords and I would highly recommend it.

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