4 Easiest Ways to Make Money Without a Job in 2021

Continue reading for a list of the very best ways to make money with no employment.

1. Donate Plasma

If you’re comfortable giving blood, then why maybe not get paid for this too?

Donating plasma can earn you between $300-$600 a month. So long as you don’t mind needles this is easy money.

Find a plasma center near you like BioLife or CSL. Some facilities offer new donor bonuses. Plus, you’re saving lives while paying the bills.

2. Sell Your Used Items

Have old clothes that you can’t wear anymore? How about electronics?

Chances are, you have something in your house right now you can sell. If you have in-demand items in good condition, you can generate significant cash.

Sell your books at used book stores or your clothes at thrift shops. For jewelry try a pawn shop.

Have old VHS tapes lying around? You can make a hefty sum from rare, older finds. Use sites like e-bay or Facebook Marketplace for online trying to sell or throw a classic yard sale.

3. Join Focus Groups

This is the money maker for opinionated individuals.

Get paid to provide your opinion in a focus group. Various businesses hold focus groups to assemble consumer research straight from the source.

Join focus group web sites to find studies locally or online. If selected, you and many other consumers will discuss a particular service or product.

Payouts are around $100 an hour but pays upwards of $300.

4. Take Out a Loan

Have to get money quickly for an unexpected expense? Loans can place a great deal of cash in your hands the day you need it.

If you’re students, look into student loans for lower interest rates. Unsecured loans work well if you want plenty of flexibility in repayment.

For a small but immediate payout, consider same day loans. Otherwise known as pay day loans, these loans are perfect for those with low credit who need money fast.

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